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MiniMoto GP

Minimoto GP bikes are motorcycles no larger than 200cc, excluding supermotos. These bikes include, Ohvale, Groms and most bikes under 200cc. This a relatively new and growing class of bike, with both young and adult riders.  Developed as a training device for young riders, this class of bikes is growing beyond just training to support some serious riders! Perfectly suited for our 3/4 mile race track. Toy bikes, scooters, and pocket bikes will not be allowed.

Some examples of popular MiniMoto bikes are:
  • Ohvale 190
  • Honda CRF-150R
  • 85cc 2T
  • Ohvale 160
  • 65cc2T
  • NSF100
  • Ohvale 110/4 & 110A
  • 50cc 2T
  • Kayo
  • NSF100
  • KLX110
  • Honda XR100
  • Honda Grom
  • Kawasaki Z125
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