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Q. Can the general public access KartMoto?

  • No, KartMoto is a membership only track.

Q. How do I become a member?

  • Pricing for membership is as follows:
    • $450 one time training and orientation fee
    • $60 per month in member dues
    • $25 per day usage fee, billed

Q. Will this be a separate membership to Motorsport Ranch?

  • Yes. KartMoto will be separate membership to Motorsport Ranch. Motorsport Ranch is for sportscars, open wheel cars and full-size motorcycles. KartMoto is for Karts, MiniMotorcycles and Supermoto Bikes only.

Q. Is there going to be rental karts?

  • No. KartMoto will not have karts for the public to rent. This is a member only facility. Each member must provide their vehicle, or they can rent a kart from a third party.

Q. Will the track be available to rent to racing and event organizers?

  • Yes, the KartMoto facility will be available to outside organizations to rent.  For scheduling and pricing please contact

Q. What is the location of KartMoto?

  • KartMoto is located 20 minutes southwest of Fort Worth, TX, alongside MotorSport Ranch, in the town of Cresson, TX.  Physical address is 9012 Performance Ct, Cresson, TX 760356

Q. What vehicles are allowed on track

  • The track was designed specifically from racing Karts, MiniMoto GP style bikes, and SuperMoto bikes only.  As of now, Cars, ATVs, UTVs, Scooters, and pocket bikes are not allowed on track.



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