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Access to the tracks and facilities will require a membership. We will have a set number of member days each year. There will be no public access to the track on member days. There will be no open track days for the public. Membership pricing is as follows:

INTRODUCTORY PRICING… This pricing format represents our initial price structure while under construction.  No monthly dues will be charged until KartMoto is operational.
  • $450 – One time orientation and training fee. This is required for all new members of KartMoto.  This is a one time fee and will be charged immediately.  This includes proper safety and procedures training for usage of the KartMoto facility.  After paying the training fee, and completing your orientation, you will have access to KartMoto on member days.
  • $60 – Monthly dues.  This will be billed monthly to your account and maintains your membership.
  • $25 – Member’s Day Rate – This is the fee you will be charged for access to the track on a member day.  It is a fee beyond your monthly dues.  Each day you access the track you will be billed the $25 day rate.  Member day rates will be billed to your account on a monthly cycle.
  • $50 – Guest – Day Rate – For members that have guests that would like to access the track.  This fee will be billed to the member’s account on a monthly cycle.  A guest may only access the track 2 times per year on a guest pass.  Guest Day Rates are not available to the general public and may only be purchased by members for their guests.
  • $150 – Garage Rental – KartMoto will offer 10′ x 20′ garages on site for vehicle storage.  Garages will be billed to the member’s account on a monthly cycle.  Garages are for MEMBERS ONLY
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